Victimz Of Pain (f​.​Greg Dawson)

from by Street Trash



"Victimz Of Pain"
(f.Greg "GERG" Dawson)
contains samples from:
Jim Muro's film "Street Trash",
The Eagles "Victim of love",
Beastie Boys' "She's Crafty" &
"The Sounds of Science",
UTFO's "Leader of the Pack" &
"The Real Roxanne",
Dan O'Bannon's film
"The Return of the Living Dead ",
& Sega's video game "Zaxxon".


[V1 (Mach Spitz)"Burt"]

Friends, Romans, & countrymen, city folk wake up,
Street trash punch lining, shitty joke shake up
Titty poke, nurple-ing, nips turning’ purple n’,
Burt with the near edge, Fred with the herbal-ing/
Gurgling, but yo we’ll get to Gergles later.,
Kicking and screaming like a demon in an incubator/
High fived the cabbie said "Yo homes I’ll stink you later",
AD’d the scene, acid drop on the Gator/

Why am I going insane?
& Why am I the one to blame?

[V2 (Kabal)"Fred"]

Street surf an H-town, need turf to skate now,
freaks & geeks gather round for the shakedown/
Fuck being white trash, I'm fucking street trash,
You bring your ripe mash? Get fucking beat fast!/
My fucking beats smash, ask your pops kid,
"dropping science" like the 80s' when I dropped CID/
Popping & jumping, on these vicitms of pains, (but)
I need coffee to function like zombies need "brains"/

Why am I going insane?
Why am I the one to fucking blame?

[solo1(Greg Dawson)"GERG"]

[V3(Mach Spitz)"Burt"]

Phonelessly bonelessin' toneless intruders,
Four wheels and planks, no thanks to fruity scoot-booters/
Cuz I’m the suit-shooter, K-balls the hoot-tooter,
Rooty-toot-tooty with a nudie suit, the new polluters/
Hip hop’s Exxon, fucking with your Lexus,
Next shit like Zaxxon, kicks to your plexus/
The solar one, yo, no we’re not the bi-polar ones,
Soup-goof munchers, and we’re quick with the molar guns/

Why am I going insane?
& Why am I the one to blame?


I be the trash that the streets on, get ass like a freaks thong,
cops walk the beat while I'm dashing with my feets on/
dumped like junk in the trunk of a car,
Cus we played your ass like the fucking guitar/
Scholars chase dollars, I'm broke flaunting your hoe,
"The girly was def an she wanted to go"/
Degrees& p.h.d.s, but when will you learn?,
"Not all girls want to be involved with Bookworms"/

Why am I going insane?
Why am I the one to fucking blame?
[solo 2(Greg Dawson)"GERG"]


from Mach Spitz & Kabal are​.​.​. Street Trash, released January 6, 2015
Drum Programming, Sampling, Mixing &
Arrangement by: Kabal (K.Theodoropolus)
Conceptual Idea by: Mach Spitz (C.McCallum)
Guitars by: GERG (G.Dawson)
Original Composition by: The Eagles
(D.Felder, D.Henley, G.Frey, Souther)
Lyrics by: Mach Spitz & Kabal
Chorus Lyrics written by: Roger Miret



all rights reserved


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Indy underground rappers Mach Spitz & Kabal join forces once again, this time as Street Trash

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