"The Cop Out"
contains samples from:
Jim Muro's film "Street Trash",
Rick Rubin's film "Tougher Than Leather",
The Geto Boys' "City Under Siege",
KRS ONE's "Sound of da Police",
N.W.A.'s "Fuck tha Police",
Nighthawks' "Strip Search"
& De La Soul's "Ego Trippin (Part II)"


Cop this, you was just a soft bitch,
Every day on your way to school you caught shit/
From the others who pushed you while they found their reps, brothers bragging like "I mushed him right down the steps"/
The pressure sets in, and you take the cop out, didn't finish grade 9, now you're a high school drop out/
You're folks got clout, and dough, so they enroll you, now you the roughest toughest dude in you're home school/
Making the grades, meet your own referenda, But don't nobody know about your secret agenda/
Got a raw plan gonna be a law man, to exact revenge, on all your so called friends/
Now you're hitting the books and you be hitting those weights, Pricking juice in your caboose and let loose the roid rage/
Gotta badge now you badgering minorities for nothing,
"So go suck a dick and write a ticket or something"/
(Mach Spitz)"Burt"
Popos are mofos, total fucking locos,
Jim-bobs and schlomos, beat downs for hobos/
Red-nosing bobos, crime-scening no-shows,
Cheap shotting know-nots, robots with low-blows/
Go with the flow, yes sirs and no sirs,
Show some respect to these rednecks and hosers/
Or bet you’ll be hosed down n' bunking hind bars,
Blows to yer melon, felon, boys, get the cars/
Brown shirts in blue shirts, fuck it, the truth hurts,
Tooth loosing losers, trust us, they’re justice abusers/
Fucked up, ambushed, fugazi,
Nauseating haters straight made for the Stasi/
"Whoop whoop that’s the sound of the beast",
Protecting and serving, neck wrecking, swerving/
Lights on the flights on to scenes of importance,
Trouble shooting, double double Tim Horton’s/


(Now you're) Walking the beat, cold stalking the street, cock blocking all the brothers block rocking in jeeps/
Routine traffic stops get tragic, flashback, Maniac cop gets rabid/
Bad habits, you pack those cells,
& attack so well, like you was Matt Cordell/
As you swell with hatred, & hunt the cowards, & demonstrate ya vulgar display of power/
Now ya build a career by obstructing the peace, You're own kids run around singing "fuck the police"/
Keep busting those "freaks" and appear effective, Unjust techniques that will earn detective/
Perps turning over cus you promised protection, they get popped while your shopping with your throbbing erection/
On the curb like a perv as you inspect the girls (saying:)
"it's protect & serve, not select & swerve"/
(Mach Spitz)"Burt"
Boys clubbing dumb-dumbs with tazers and stun guns,
And pistols, you missed out on yer water and breadcrumbs/
Read you your rights, they can barely read them,
Never fucking ‘round when you need them/ (you)
See them in the bar making calls to their cronies for the ride sites,
Crooks with phone books, uppercuts and bone hooks/
Fuck a cop in the face with a crowbar,
Law-making cavemen, no clue like Lothar/
Low bar, the standards set get the minimal,
Couldn’t catch a cold let alone a fucking criminal/
Weed-dealing teens better watch their stash,
Busted by a buster who steals half the hash/
Officer please you got me down on my knees,
9 shots to the kid with a knife and a disease/
Power hungry flunkies, they junkies for clipping,
They primates, limp dick chimps ego tripping/


from Mach Spitz & Kabal are​.​.​. Street Trash, released January 6, 2015
Composed by: Mach Spitz (C.McCallum)
Arranged by: Kabal (K.Theodoropolus)
Lyrics by: Mach Spitz & Kabal
Sampling by: Kabal



all rights reserved


Street Trash Ontario

Indy underground rappers Mach Spitz & Kabal join forces once again, this time as Street Trash

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