Freaky Tales (Too $hort cover)

from by Street Trash



"Freaky Tales"
(Too $hort cover)

Freaky tales is a song by west coast
rapper Too $hort. We didn't simply do a cover,
we re-wrote our own lyrics.

Contains samples from:
Jim Muro's film "Street Trash",
Too $hort's "Freaky Tales" &
Rotten Utensils' "Loaded Knuckles"


These are the tales, the freaky tales,
these are the tales that I tell so well/

I knew a little lady that we called the knob, everyone in the hood took a turn, what a slob/ Said it might get tight in the muffin Said Knobby don't fret, they don't call me Spitz for nuthing/
I met this bitch, named Suzanne, she loved the way I rapped with the mic in hand/ Now Suzy was a noobie to the booty jam, popped n' dropped that pussy in the garbage can/
Rolled up on a yeasty beast shooting Yager, Pegged her as a sure shot, straight triple bagger/ 2 domes of the cock, paper sack on my slice Eyes squeezed tight, hey she turned out nice
Another fat ass ho, her name was Tara, fucked her to tears, face smeared with mascara/ Since I'm like Manson, I called her Sexy Sadie, plus it was her middle name and the bitch was twice as crazy/
Ran with a skeez that was named Louise, Loved to get her earlobes filled with knees/ Three hours later still begging for the wee Mach Threw up the legs and fucking banged her with a Reebok/
Some slut named Jenny at the bar drinking Remy, begged me to rape her so I gave it to her plenty/ Now Jenny was a dime, and real top heavy, caught her fucking my homie now she ain't worth a penny/
How about the dame by name Lorraine, Boozy fucking bruiser liked to bring the pain/ Truth told, twist getting toothy on the scrotum Like she starving, Marvin, carving poles like a totem
The next floozy, her name was Trudie
Hoovered on my tool while I was hooting on a hoolie/ Hell-a-dope booty, huge boobs, tight cooch, then I "kicked ya to the curb cus yer ass was pooched"/


Hooked up with a girlie with a plastic arm, She'd seen more cocks than a rooster farm/ Skanking no class, always down for the funking Plank on my ass before I end up spelunking/
Street trash in the club with my right hand man, introduced me to a girlie he call luanne/ lu-lu drove me home that very same night, Had the ho sucking cock stopped at every red light/
12 beers, 6 shots, 4 fucking hoolies Goggles on horn swoggling fucking ghoulies/ Julie, she truly brought the ruckus like a champ, Last call found us balling on the wheelchair ramp/
Just like this prissy, her name was Missy, Nice ripe titties and the bitch was real ditzy/ Loved sucking dick till' the tip was all jizzy, drop kicked her in the lips cus the slit tried to kiss me/
Roly poly Polly says she wants a part of me, Stephen Hawking talking with her tracheotomy/ "Beep beep red alert" freaky on the senso,r Dick up in that throat like a Pez dispenser/
Yet another girlie, her name was Stacey, little did i know she was squirrelly & crazy/ Claims she had my baby, stunt tried to play me, but I wore double rubbers dumb cunt you can't fade me/
Crazy older lady, say she down for the Mach, Bathroom breaker taking sink shots of cock/ I like to keep track of my adventures, So I fucked til she passed out and snatched her dentures/
Girl of my dreams, this queen Rochelle, Little did I know I'd have to go through hell/ She blew all my money, and blew my mind, Now I only screw honeys that are deaf, dumb & blind/



from Mach Spitz & Kabal are​.​.​. Street Trash, released January 6, 2015
Originally written & performed by:
Too $hort (Todd Anthony Shaw)
Composed & Arranged by:
Kabal (K.Theodoropolus)
Lyrics by: Mach Spitz & Kabal



all rights reserved


Street Trash Ontario

Indy underground rappers Mach Spitz & Kabal join forces once again, this time as Street Trash

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