"Code of the Street Trash"
Contains samples from:
Slayer & Atari Teenage Riot's
"No Remorse (I Wanna Die)",
Crumbsuckers' "Break Out",
N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton",
Gang Starr's "Code of the streets",
RUN D.M.C.'s "My adidas",
Macklemore's "thrift shop", &
Damon Wayan's film "Mo' Money"


[V1. (Kabal) "Fred"]
Take this for example: bum cats wanna sleep,
Cause in the life they're living, they're trash on the street/
It starts with the young, getting kicked outta they homes,
Got nowhere to go, now they rolling alone/
Where you gonna run to? The decisions hard,
So u crash in a car, at the collision yard/
Watch out for Bronson, and his creep swine crew,
We can snag us some viper, and some cheap wine too/
Even Sauvignon Blanc, goddamn, we're getting ours so,
Drinking all night, at sunlight, we're seeing stars/
Nip shit from the thrift store, kidnapped a bitch whore,
hit the spliff more, while I'm licking till her clit sore/
Living poverty, never having, always needing,
Fucking Wizzy tries to jack me, then I'll leave him bleeding/
Squeegeeing windows, of your limos, for cheap cash,
My brothers know I kick the code of the street trash/

[V2. (Mach Spitz) "Burt"]
Street trash chumpies delivering the lumpies,
Bums catching bumpies suckers get the mumpies/
Rapped up like mummies dummies get the dry mouth,
Stepping to the curb, herb, prepare to fly south/
Six feet, mix splitting skulls, sick beats,
Flick teats quicker than a spliff licked on slick sheets/
Wreck beds, causing trauma to the neck-heads,
Peckerhead checkerboard checkers get the left Ked/
Right Ked dedicated for the posers,
Predicated for the superdozin brown nosers/
That's the way we do with the foot rush,
Heavier than noothgrush bussin out the booth brush/
Clean off the mics and prepare the fuckin studio,
Fill you like Collins yer su su sudio/
Pseudo tough out like sudafed,
Ace high like maiden, we spade fools like Motörhead/


from Mach Spitz & Kabal are​.​.​. Street Trash, released January 6, 2015
Produced by: Kabal (K.Theodoropolus)
Lyrics by: Mach Spitz (C.McCallum) & Kabal



all rights reserved


Street Trash Ontario

Indy underground rappers Mach Spitz & Kabal join forces once again, this time as Street Trash

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