"Bite It!"
contains samples from:
UTFO's "Bite It",
Donny Hathaway's "I Love the Lord; He Heard My Cry"
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh's "La Di Da Di"
Rotten Utensils "Haunted Utensils" &
Smut Peddlers "Medicated Minutes"


V1. (Kabal)"Fred"

Well I'm a super duper fresh oldschool MC,
you and your troop wish to be so cool like me/
In this art form I got my rap degree,
So hardcore that you wanna rap like me/
Try to snack on me with those clacking teeth,
I'll crack your fronts out like Chiefs smash the beef/
You wanna battle me with those flat routines?
Saturated in a sea full of crab MC's/
"But I call em biters, imitators,
Copy cats & duplicators"/
Wack-a-traitors, you been told twice kids,
jack my shit? I break out the old vice grips/
You Spitz like Mach? Just your teeth on the floor
Call the dentist cus you can't go (bite) anymore/
Fred & Burt the hard way, storming your dark stage,
"So many biters I performed in a shark cage"/

Bite It!

V2. (Mach Spitz)"Burt"

"Well I'm the doc right, all day & night right,
I'm black & white right, is that alright? So right!"
Cuz I'm the Mach, right
I slay and fight, right
Display the bite might
Is that allright? So right!
I keep it real like a pickle, yo
Shrill like a piccolo
Fickle Don Rickle with a sickle, so dispicable
Don't try to tickle though
I'll brick ya with a Michelob
Dime bag or nickel, Travis T like Bickle, yo
Never mea culpa, I'll bite you to a pulpa
Steal yer fucking steez and sell it back like Sebulba
Jackin all the sweet beats, sweet meats and sauces
Thievin disbelievers 'fore they realize their losses
Bandit of the mic set, I grabs it cuz I likes it
Boombaps and dope raps, you blabs it , I takes it
You best stay awake and watch yer books, bite complainer
I munch in my sleep, straight through my night retainer


from Mach Spitz & Kabal are​.​.​. Street Trash, released January 6, 2015
Produced by: Kabal (K.Theodoropolus)
Lyrics by: Mach Spitz (C.McCallum) & Kabal



all rights reserved


Street Trash Ontario

Indy underground rappers Mach Spitz & Kabal join forces once again, this time as Street Trash

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